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by Wong Meng Weng 19990826
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If you live in Singapore and love your Passat, you should join sg-passat!

The Singapore Passat Owners Club has a web page and a mailing list. We organize regular social events centered around a Passat Parade through Singapore.

The current generation of Passats, known to insiders as the B5, started production in 1997. Marketed in Singapore under the "Reborn" campaign, the B5 comprises model years 1998, 1999, and 2000. Its shape is immediately recognizable and causes perfect strangers to say, "Damn! That's a good looking car."

It competes with the BMW 3 series, the Saab 9-3, the Volvo S70, the Mercedes C class, and the Lexus ES 300. It beats them all by matching their features at half the price. It is, essentially, a beefed-up version of the Audi A4 (Audi is VW's luxury line, and they share platforms and design). It's a category-killer: everyone can find a reason to like a luxury sport family sedan. Consumer Reports awarded it first prize, family car of the year. And it's one of the safest cars on the market today.

Mailing List

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Picture this: every month or two, you join a passat parade --- we drive a planned route through Singapore and show off our Passats to the public. Then we stop at a cafe to chat over coffee.
  1. before the main drive, go to the VW service center at Leng Kee road to meet the group. If you go early, you might get a chance to hoist your car up on the jack and examine it from all angles. Get your questions answered by experts, and see what other members have done to their cars.
  2. do the drive: a pre-planned route takes you through the city. You attract a great many admiring glances. The next day, your car appears in the newspaper, and your co-workers all ask your license plate number so they can buy 4-D.
  3. at the end of the drive, you arrive at an al-fresco type place where out-front parking has been reserved. All the passats pull up and park in a line next to each other, looking like a royal procession.
  4. you go home feeling GREAT about having bought the Passat.
We still haven't chosen a good post-drive coffee place. Suggestions:

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Event Log


Apparently there are a few hundred Passats in Singapore. AutoGTI lost the VW dealership in early 1999, and refused to hand over their customer list to the new dealer Car & Cars. The majority of Volkswagens on the road are cars which Volkswagen Singapore doesn't know about!

If you have a passat sighting to report, email!

EL325H?satin silver, spotted 19991009 by alex
EM111K?satin silver, spotted by jeffrey lim 199910
EM999Rdanny, boss at alpine autodark blue, spotted 19991004 by alex
SBB1686E?colorado red 1.8t, spotted by paul kuah
SBC123PPaul Kuah1.8t, satin silver, sunroof, has flyers
SBG648X?candy white 1.6, spotted by hosm
SCQ8871AWen Liusatin silver 1.8t, has flyer
SCR9351Y?elegance green 1.6, spotted 19990930 by hosm
SCR9351Y?elegance green 1.6, spotted by hosm
SCR9447E?satin silver, spotted 19990917
SCR9886XLim Jee Nee, Jeffrey Limsilver 1.6, wants flyer
SCU1472M?nebio blue, spotted 19990927, gave flyer
SCU1643?elegance green 1.6, spotted 19991030 by paul
SCU2298Z?colorado red, spotted 19990928
SCU5745E?satin silver 1.6, spotted 19990930 by hosm
SCU621LThomas Yipsatin silver 1.6, has flyers
SCU9703AHo Siew Munnebio blue 1.6, has flyers
SCV1061R?light green, spotted 19990917
SCV3244SBenny TeoCandy White 1.6, has flyer
SCV474?nebio blue 1.6, spotted by hosm
SCW5517L?satin silver 1.8t, spotted by hosm 19990921
SCW5657?satin silver 1.8t, spotted by paul kuah
SCW5685JWong Meng Weng1.8t, satin silver, has flyers
SCW6153X?candy white 1.8t, beige leather, spotted 19991008
SCW8356M?satin silver 1.6, spotted 19991002 by paul kuah
SCW8598H?satin silver 1.8, spotted 19990909
SCW8768J?nebio blue 1.6, spotted by hosm
SCW9088GLam Fon Houroyal green, has flyers
SCW9278A?royal green, spotted by hosm 19990921
SCW9407A?spotted 19990917
SCX111B??colorado red, doctor? sgh and alexandra.
SCX1461J?nebio blue
SCX1821D?nebio blue, spotted by alex 19991012
SCX1912ADilysdark green 1.8t, gave flyer
SCX2338B?satin silver
SCX331??candy white?
SCX410M?spotted 19990917
SCX4775K?dark green, spotted 19990924
SCX527K?satin silver 1.8t, spotted 19991001 by hosm
SCX800X?royal green v6, spotted by paul kuah
SCX9074?royal green, spotted 19990906
SCY3475B?candy white, spotted 19990923 by fhlam
SCY3536J?satin silver, spotted by hosm
SCY537J?spotted 19990915
SCY55U?satin silver 1.8t, spotted by hosm 19990920
SCY560H?satin silver 1.8t, 17" oettinger rims! spotted 19990929, gave flyer
SCY866?red, spotted by jeffrey lim 199910
SCY874C?satin silver 1.8t, spotted 19990925, gave flyer
SL88J?royal green, spotted 19990916
SCW8051T?candy white 1.8t, spotted 19991101 by kelvin

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News Clippings

Passat Consumer Reports Top Family Car

Volkswagen ended a sixteen year stretch of Toyota dominance when the Passat toppled the Camry from its throne as Consumer Reports magazine's top family car. The magazine based its ratings on tests at its test track and reliability reports on 490,000 vehicles from 384,000 of its 4.5m subscribers. Reliability figures came from a 1998 survey on cars from model years 1991 to 1998. Volkswagen's new Jetta also came in second place in it's class as well.
-- from VWvortex News, 19990408

Passat Facelift for 2001

Volkswagen will be giving its Passat model a facelift for model year 2001. Along with what are believed to be minor cosmetic changes, the passat will get two new motors, the 24-valve 204hp VR6 and an 8-cylinder motor (either VR8 or W8). Expect the 8-cylinder motor to include 4Motion AWD as well.
-- from VWvortex News, 19990623

Passat Sales Record

Volkswagen's 1998 sales were again led by its top-selling Jetta model with a total sales mark of 89,311, the third best in the model's 19-year history. In the important midsize segment, Volkswagen's Passat model posted an all-time record with sales of 39,272, an increase of 164 percent over 1997's mark of 14,868.
-- from VWvortex News, 1999